This is Gunilla Barrskog!

Gunilla Barrskog

Gunilla Barrskog has been working more than 25 years within the Human Resources and Leadership area. She has successfully combined both practical experience-based learning with the latest leadership research to create success, drive and energy to help people reach – their goal – in every situation or task.

Through the years she has helped many managers to be more inspiring and conscious leaders. She has handled many different situations and one of her strengths is to handle the unexpected, which often happens in group processes.

The coach Gunilla: Attract reflection and awareness on a deeper level which makes a difference in everyday life, by questioning habits, inspirie learning and INNER motivation to conquer new behaviour patterns.

Process Consultant Gunilla: Inspire management to increased interaction, clarification and awareness – which ensures efficiency and the focus that lifts teams forward.

She is passionate about finding POTENTIAL in every individual, group and organization with the aime to create a Transformation together to make a real difference!

Gunilla Barrskog CV